Banarasi sarees for you, at home!


Designed from the beginning to the very end at the Vaishali Agarwal ateliers, the Banarasi sarees, are not only one of a kind, but also the very best of what is out there waiting for you. The finest types of banarasi sarees, including banarasi patola sarees, as well as various designs of silk sarees, anarkalis, suits, gowns, and more are available at Vaishali Couture. With Karagiri, you may choose from a wide variety of banarasi sarees to put together the perfect look.

The most elaborate border patterns can be found on Banarasi sarees made by the incredible craftspeople of the Vaishali Agarwal who spend extensive amounts of time working hard and pouring their love into these banarasi sarees. They consist of intriguing creeper patterns or lovely flower motifs that are scattered over the border. Banarasi sarees have been handed down down the years by numerous grandmothers, making them extremely precious today. These marvels are woven by artists in anywhere between days and weeks. A banarasi sarees may effortlessly glam up your appearance and be worn to any holiday or formal occasion. Since we provide 100% genuine quality, we can confidently guarantee that our products and services will live up to your expectations.

All of the sarees, especially the Banarasi sarees are often difficult to find, but In addition to being possible in one location, you can do this from the comfort of your own home. Banarasi sarees are unquestionably what you need for your festivals and happy occasions and will improve your style unlike anything else.