Chikankari sarees for you and your dear ones!

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For anyone who enjoys wearing traditional sarees, Lucknowi Chikankari sarees are the ideal option. Once they're done, they're sophisticated and stunning with a touch of elegance. Chikankari sarees are a must-have for everyone who appreciates Indian culture, especially when they are designed by the skillful artisans at Vaishali Agarwal’s couture collection. Your wardrobe will be complete with the help of these understated yet sophisticated pieces. You'll always reflect on your past and wonder how you could have acquired such a unique and wonderful chikankari saree. One of the best examples of Indian craftsmanship is Vaishali Agarwal’s chikankari saree with its handmade clothing. At Vaishali Couture, we offer blouse pieces, sarees, dupattas, lehengas, and borders for women, as well as panchas, kanduas, and pagris for men. We also design collections using these weaves to provide a modern spin while maintaining the authenticity.

There are a variety of customisable clothing items available in a wide range of styles. Even items from outside India can be ordered. Vaishali Agarwal is the one who has actually put her innovation into practice. Each collection's journey begins with a team brainstorming ideas and choosing a topic that resonates with the public while keeping in mind the brand's aesthetic, and our chikankari sarees are no different!