Chikankari sarees for you and your family!


Vaishali Agarwal’s magnificent collection was influenced by the vast aesthetic sense and assimilation of the rich Indian cultural heritage in every manner imaginable, beginning with art forms like paintings, flora and fauna, festivals, and monuments that are driven in the most enticing style that characterizes monarchy. And, the representation of that can be found in the truest form in Vaishali Agarwal’s chikankari sarees! 

These chikankari sarees are made for you by the best with an ample amount of love! 

Vaishali Agarwal always makes stunning chikankari sarees that may be worn without hesitation, no matter the occasion. It still gives the wearer a royal appearance despite once being worn as jewelry by royalty. Today, gorgeous chikankari sarees are created by embroidering organza, chiffon, and other textiles with the Chikankari method. No matter if it's a chikankari saree, lehenga, or kurti, everyone loves wearing anything fashioned of it. Our chikankari sarees are also clothes fit for royalty, just like you. The chikankari sarees will make you smile and make your friends and family grin throughout happy times in your life. 

Chikankari sarees by Vaishali Agarwal are exquisite and long-lasting. They are made out of the utmost quality of fabric and would stay with you and your family for a very long time. In addition to this, chikankari sarees go with anything and everywhere. Browse the store and unwind in the knowledge that Vaishali Agarwal's skilled artisans will handle every detail for you and your impending Chikankari sarees!