From Gujarat to your homes - Patola Lehengas!

All of us worry about finding authentic, high-quality clothing from our culture. Yes, online shopping has significantly streamlined our lives, but can we fully rely on it? particularly when it comes to attire. At Vaishali Couture, that worry is redundant. This festive season, us at Vaishali Agarwal Couture, have the most stunning collection of Patola Lehengas for all your family members and all their needs. 

Because of their distinctive patterns and decorations, patola lenghas have long been prized and appreciated. Pure patola lengha clothing is something that women adore inheriting from their mothers, sisters, and mothers-in-law. Due to the labour and significance patola lenghas has in Indian culture, they are passed down the generations. It is quite well-known in Gujarat and is almost exclusively made of silk. It is a double ikat pattern that requires a lot of weaving time and intricate hand work. There are numerous styles of patola lehengas. For a particular event like a wedding, women wear patola lehengas. 

At Vaishali Patola has undergone extensive work to become wedding-ready with a minimum of accessories. Lehengas are either fully or partially sewn. In addition to this, we also offer custom clothing, working with our in-house designers that have the highest fashion knowledge, to satisfy customer needs and realise their vision. You should not wait any longer to get your hands on the uniquely designed patola lehengas that would make you feel confident and comfortable. Head over to Vaishali Corture’s Patola Lenghas and get for yourself and your family, now!