High-quality paithani sarees at your doorstep!

A wonderful selection of high-quality paithani sarees is offered by Vaishali Agarwal’s couture collection on her website. Our specially crafted  paithani sarees are laced with ages of hardwork and love poured by our skilled artisans. The paithani sarees are sure to put a smile on your face and the faces of your friends and family as well. Everyone has options to consider and choose from.

Paithani sarees at Vaishali Couture are available in a large scheme of primary colours like red, yellow, sky blue, magenta, green, peach-pink, and purple since they are fashioned from naturally coloured threads. Although buttis are frequently seen on the body of Paithani sarees, the border and pallu are always the focal points. There are often two dominant colours for each saree: one for the body of the saree and another for the border and pallu. Other than our wonderful selection of paithani sarees, you can also explore our other traditional clothing attires - Vaishali handpicks the textiles and crafts for Kaalii by Vaishali from all corners of the nation. Vaishali has a lifelong passion for handlooms and a goal to promote ethical fashion while raising awareness of vintage weaving methods and traditional textiles.

Vaishali Coture’s elegant range of paithani sarees showcases the traditions and art of our wealthy hostage unlike any other. You don't need to be concerned about sizing because the items are both ready to ship and ready to wear. So, don’t wait any more and head to Vaishali Agarwal’s website to take your pick!