Paithani sarees for you!


Depending on where they are made, saris come in a variety of styles, patterns, and motifs. Sarees can be found throughout our nation in a variety of patterns and motifs and are an important part of our tradition, especially in times of festivities. Paithani sarees are one of these widely worn and incredibly beautiful Paithani sarees. These sarees are produced in the Maharashtra town of Paithan using premium material. These sarees are well-liked throughout most of the nation due to their lovely brocade patterns.

And, now we bring them to you! 

The journey of each collection starts when the team brainstorms ideas and selects a topic that speaks to us while keeping in mind the brand's design. Paithani sarees hold a special place in a bride's trousseau. The "Queen of Silks," which were once only worn by royalty and nobles, embodies true culture. Transferred from the loom to the reels are these Paithani sarees. The weaver then gets to work, using deft hand, foot, and eye synchronization to start creating the Paithani sarees for you to enjoy! 

Forgo the hassle of looking and worrying about sarees that might fit or not, that might look good on you or not, and select from a wide variety of options of Paithani sarees to choose from, for different occasions with different colors and prints! There is something for everyone and it can be yours with a click of a button, at the comfort of your home. The actual embodiment of Vaishali Agarwal's innovation is Vaishali Agarwal.