Patola sarees for your special occasions!


The patola sarees originated in the Gujarati city of Pathan. A twin ikat saree was constructed. Despite once being the sole domain of royalty and nobility, many people today wear these sarees on significant occasions. In today’s day and age, finding the perfect patola sarees can be a confusing process, especially when it comes to finding the most trustworthy option out of everything that is available. 

Patola sarees are tough to find anywhere, much less for a fair price. Not only that, but we also provide a variety of other things with excellent cuts and embroidery, such as sarees, suits, jumpsuits, gowns, bandh galas, kurta sets, and Nehru jackets for men. These patola sarees have undergone careful inspection to make sure they are as perfect as possible for our amazing customers. We take great effort to make each embroidery pattern distinctive for our patola sarees and we commonly pair them with attractive silhouettes to stay up to date with shifting fashion trends. As we approach the end of the year, the festival season is upon us and the need for traditional clothing has only increased. And, when you have to dress your entire family, the tension is higher than it has ever been. 

Each product in Vaishali Agarwal's store is handcrafted with love and passion with the goal of putting our customers' smiles on their faces. Our patola sarees are exquisite and strong; they go everywhere and look great with anything. Browse the store while feeling at ease knowing that Vaishali Agarwal's skilled artisans will handle every detail for you and your future patola sarees!