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Vaishali Agarwal's website offers a superb assortment of premium paithani sarees from her couture collection. The talented artisans at the boutique have spent years laboring diligently and lovingly on our specifically made paithani sarees. Your smile and the smiles of your friends and family will be brought on by the paithani sarees during beautiful moments of your life. 

Large borders and intricate designs predominantly define these sarees that are special and beautiful. You are now able to purchase these paithani sarees in a variety of hues and patterns from the convenience of your home thanks to online purchasing, particularly at  Vaishali Agarwal’s website. The prices for these  paithani sarees made available here are completely satisfactory to the consumer because they are reasonable and best suited to your purchase, making your buying experience simple and convenient from the comfort of your couch. Genuine paithani sarees made from the finest materials and handwoven on our own looms. This royal cloth is the result of a true labor of love by talented weavers who hand-weft each and every thread, and make these paithani sarees. You can browse our other traditional clothing items in addition to our great collection of paithani sarees, with its two dominating colors and other modern patterns; Vaishali personally selects the textiles and crafts for these collections by Vaishali from all regions of the country.

Our paithani sarees follow the same process as every other collection in which a team brainstorms ideas and selects a theme that appeals to the general audience while yet maintaining the brand's aesthetic.