The one-stop solution - Kaali by Vaishali!


Whenever the festival season rolls around, all members of the family have to go through a plethora of worries in order to merely find one good outfit for the day. But, the tensions don’t stop there, do they? There’s panic regarding the perfect pattern, the quality of clothes if they’d fit well on your body, and much more! 

But, there’s a collection that would ease all these worries in one go!

Kaali by Vaishali is a collection of textiles and crafts that Vaishali Agarwal specifically selected from all the many regions of the country. Kalamkaris, benarasis or bandhanis, jamdanis, and kangeevarams are just a few of the weaves that the company offers. Kaali by Vaishali has something for everyone in your family and is your one-stop-solution for shopping this festive season. Vaishali Agarwal handpicks the fabrics and crafts for Kaali by Vaishali from all around the country with the intention of meeting the needs of all of their consumers. Vaishali has a lifelong passion for handlooms and a goal to promote ethical fashion while raising awareness of vintage weaving methods and traditional textiles, and all of that shows perfectly in Kaali by Vaishali. 

The Vaishali Boutique has a great assortment of exquisite, high-quality clothing that will make you and your family the happiest. You can drop all your worries related to what you’d wear on the shoulders of Kaalii by Vaishali because it has got you covered! There is just one store you should visit for all the upcoming festivals and all the ethnic clothing you want to wear: Vaishali Boutique!