The pride of Indian fashion - Paithani Sarees

Why look elsewhere when you have a place where you can shop for anything you need? You can conveniently browse both the new and vintage collections from the convenience of your own home. So, if you're seeking for ethical clothing, particularly paithani sarees, to stand out, check out Vaishali Agarwal's website!

Paithani sarees have a special position in a bride's trousseau. The "Queen of Silks," which historically belonged only to royalty and nobility, represents the spirit of authentic culture. Initially, natural dyes derived from plants, minerals, plants, and rocks are used to colour the raw silk threads. The day-long groundwork for the loom to make paithani sarees, which determines the pattern, colour, and other finer details of the finished item, is undoubtedly the hardest part of weaving. However, the weavers and skilled artisans at Vaishali Couture make every piece with love and hard work. Paithani sarees are transferred to the reels and put on the loom. The weaver then settles down to begin making the Paithani saree using precise hand, foot, and eye coordination.One of the most classic and stylish items of apparel for women are sarees. They can be dressed up or down and worn for a variety of occasions. Particularly paithani sarees which can uplift your look and mood like no other. 

Vaishali Agarwal’s couture collection has got you covered with its paithani sarees and then some more. Without extensive range of designs and collections, like Kaali by Vaishali and multiple others.