The queen of sarees - Patola Sarees by Vaishali Agarwal!

Patola, or the “Queen of Silks” , accounts for a magnificent silky weaving of Patola textiles is by no means an artistic creation, but rather a piece of cultural history. Patola sarees were worn by royalty and aristocracy on auspicious occasions and regarded as a holy cloth even in SouthEast Asia, as mentioned in his travel writings. At Vaishali Agarwal’s couture, we wish to bring you the royalty of these patola sarees, to your doorsteps at the most affordable price with the best-quality!

Vaishali Agarwal is the one who has actually put her innovation into practice. Each collection's journey begins with a team brainstorming ideas and choosing a topic that resonates with the public while keeping in mind the brand's aesthetic. Our Patola sarees are of various styles and designs and would make you and your loved ones happy like nothing else can. Patola sarees on your festivals and happy occasions, would make you shine the most! The real, exquisitely crafted Patola sarees available online at Vaishali Agarwal’s website leave both the creators and the wearer in admiration.

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