The saree of royalty - paithani sarees!


If you are looking for something to absolutely awe everybody around you, you require our collections of paithani sarees and apparel by Vaishali Agarwal. Our artisans used the greatest supplies and techniques to make our fabrics. We believe it's crucial to honor our heritage, our achievements, and the linked tales of other cultures through our clothing that symbolizes quality and beauty.  

Given that they are made from naturally coloured threads, Paithani sarees from Vaishali Couture come in a wide range of primary colors like red, yellow, sky blue and green. Paithani sarees from the Paithani region have a special place in bridal wardrobes. True culture is represented by the "Queen of Silks," which were formerly only worn by royalty and nobility. These Paithani sarees have been woven and then transferred to reels. The weaver starts weaving the Paithani sarees for you after that, employing skillful techniques and extremely effective coordination. The skilled weavers who create these paithani sarees worked tirelessly to create this magnificent fabric, hand-wefting each and every thread. In addition to our fantastic selection of paithani sarees, with its two dominant colors and various current patterns, you can browse our other traditional clothing items. 

Vaishali carefully chooses the fabrics for these paithani sarees and crafts for these collections by Vaishali from all regions of the country. They represent the truest and the most beautiful version of you that will leave everyone around you spellbound. These paithani sarees are merely a click away and can be accessed from the comfort of your home.